Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Fare Go For Taxs

mx News of Rupert Murdoch

Modern day Joseph Gobles equivalent is Rupert Murdoch. The mx News is one of his many sources of moral and environmental pollution. I don’t know why the State Rail Authority of NSW allows him to distribute this propaganda crap from their properties! To the best of my understanding this source of vendetta is to counter Epoch Times.

Anyway, this ‘mx” wrote an inaccurate article about the NSW TDA today. The heading of the article is ‘Fare go for taxis”.

Fare go for taxis
Harry Budd

The NSW Taxi Drivers Association is pushing for big increases in the cost of booking a cab and flagfall rates to make short trips more viable.

The union told an Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal public hearing on taxi fares on Monday that drivers were reluctant to take short trips because pricing was skewed towards longer journeys.

It said booking fees should rise from $2 to $4 and flagfalls lifted by 80c to $4 to give drivers an incentive to take short trips.

The increases are well above IPART’s preliminary recommendation that all fare components rise by 3.5 per cent from July 1.

Association delegate Einie Mollenhauer told the hearing drivers were rejecting short trips.

"It’s worth a drivers while to reject radio bookings while he sits on a taxi tank that are a long way from the rank and going short distance." Mollenhauer said.

Association treasurer Trevor Bradley- told the hearing that unless fares were made viable, drivers would be unwilling to accept short jobs.

'To make short fares more attractive (to) all drivers the flagfall needs to be increased to $4," Bradley said.

"Passengers may well complain about the price of any thing, but they complain loudest and longer when they don't get a cab at all."

The union also wants the distance rate to be increased by "at least 10 per cent" to cover rising costs.

IPART will make a final recommendation to the NSW Department of Transport and Infrastructure in June.